About ACE


The Association for Continuing Education (ACE) is a volunteer organization, providing continuing education for inquisitive adults seeking a high quality, engaging learning experience. The Association for Continuing Education had humble beginnings as a social, philanthropic women’s auxiliary to help the now defunct Cleveland College. The women involved with the endeavor would prove to be spirited and energetic advocates for adult education (with impeccable endurance and wherewithal), keeping their mission alive through waves of adversity.

ACE offers several programs independently, but also partners with Case Western Reserve University Laura & Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program. The ACE programs, along with a broad array of courses and events on a wide range of diverse subjects are accessible and affordable. They provide intellectual stimulation and growth to active participants.

ACE is passionately committed to excellence in providing distinct programming that encourages active participation and supports adults to continue to expand knowledge and perspectives throughout their lifetimes. As a volunteer-run organization there are many volunteer opportunities for those interested in becoming more involved.

Our Programs Include

• Annual Book Sale Project 

• Lecture Day 

• Book Discussion Day 

• Off-Campus Studies 

• Trips

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Executive Board 2018-19

President: Veronica Dever

Vice President: Spencer Neth

Treasurer: Dave Dawson

Corresponding Secretary: Pat Ashton

Recording Secretary: Linda Macklin

Become a Member

Membership is open to all who want to learn and to help in supporting quality programs. Membership is valid for one year, September 1 – August 31. 

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Volunteer with ACE

Meet like-minded people who are interested in personal enrichment and who love to learn. Join a committee and be a part of the stimulating events we bring to our community each year. 

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