2020 CWRU book sale

We anticipate having over 80,000 books on a wide variety of topics and interests, including:

• Fiction, Literature, the Performing Arts

• Rare and Antiquarian Books

• Foreign Language Department

• Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology

• Fine Arts: all periods of art, catalogs,  photography

• Cookbooks, Craft and Needlework, Sports, 

Interior Decorating, Gardening

• Textbooks on all topics

• Science: anthropology, archaeology, medical, natural and physical sciences

• Technology: computers and engineering

• Business: law, investing, economics

• History and Politics

• Travel

• Children’s books

• Ephemera

• Multi-media including CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records

We accept all books, older magazines, Architectural Digest, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, needle-craft pattern books and pamphlets, comic books, graphic novels.

We do not handle Encyclopedias, National Geographic magazines, Reader’s Digest Condensed books, current magazines, or science and computer textbooks that are more than five years old.

Where and when to donate

We can always use more books! 

Bring your donations to the CWRU warehouse between 9:00 and 1:00 PM on Tuesdays. 

To get to the warehouse, drive along Cedar Avenue until you reach the single entrance to East 108th Street. Entering this street, you

will pass the side of the warehouse on your right. The first street you will reach is Frank Avenue. Turn right and drive along it about 50 yards - where you will see on the right our first large garage door. Pull into the short driveway in front of it and honk your horn. One of our sorters will open the door for you.

If you are using GPS, enter ‘Lilly Baptist Church’ as your destination. This is on the corner of East 108th and Cedar, that

is, where you turn onto 108th.

Alternatively, to arrange for us to pick up the material, please call or email Judie Quin, 440-227-3668 (jequin@aol.com), or Sandy Melzer, 440-476-7251 (smelzer@att.net), or Lorraine Nelson (lyn@case.edu), 216-368-5145.