The Association for Continuing Education (ACE) is a volunteer organization, providing continuing education for inquisitive adults seeking a high quality, engaging learning experience. ACE offers several programs independently, but also partners with Case Western Reserve University Laura & Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program. The ACE programs, along with a broad array of courses and events on a wide range of diverse subjects are accessible and affordable. They provide intellectual stimulation and growth to active participants.

ACE is passionately committed to excellence in providing distinct programming that encourages active participation and supports adults to continue to expand knowledge and perspectives throughout their lifetimes. As a volunteer-run organization there are many volunteer opportunities for those interested in becoming more involved.

Our programs include:
Annual Book Sale Project
| Lecture Day | Book Discussion Day | Off-Campus Studies | Trips



83 Years of Quality Continuing Education

“Education is fueled by the enthusiasm of the adult mind in search
of intellectual growth, and this process continues through life.”
                                                                   Newton D. Baker

1931 Women’s League of Cleveland College was formed to help raise funds for the college, stimulate social life for students and faculty, and create a sense of community.
1938 Women’s Association Lecture Day Series first held. It attached capacity crowds to weekly events.
1946 The annual Book Sale began as a book exchange to raise money for Cleveland College. 
1957 The Living Room Learning program became the primary mission of the Women’s Association. Mrs. Shepherd experimenting with courses in 1947. 
1950’s Name changed to Association for Continuing Education.
1963 Discussion Day began as an annual event. 
1978 Lecture Day evolved into an annual event. 
1995 Living Room Learning program renamed Off-Campus Studies.
2012 Ace is affiliated with the Laura & Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program.
2012 Acclaimed Authors Luncheons and local trips begun by ACE

“Through the years, ACE has been driven by the immense passion and determination of dedicated leaders and volunteers… One thing has always remained constant – a deep passion for and commitment to adult education.”

From the Trenches to the Classrooms, by Paula Coppedge